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Seeking an Avaya certified telephone technician with a working knowledge and experience with the Avaya Aura System R5.1 and Modular Messaging 5.2.x communications management system and related telephone system software and hardware. Proficiency with the Audix Telephone User Interface (TUI) desired. Sought after technician must have experience working with a comparable Avaya PBX telephone system serving a large enterprise community of more than 1,000 users and be certified in routine and comprehensive tasks specific to the Avaya system. Technician will be working with Government customers and must possess excellent communication and customer service skills.

Technician must have knowledge and experience with:

  • virtual machine management,
  • server management,
  • user and administration functions such as patch management,
  • platform upgrades,
  • license management,
  • secure access link gateway management,
  • failover,
  • performance statistics,
  • CD/DVD,
  • file management,
  • backup and restore,
  • server reboot and shutdown, and
  • configurations for date/time, logging, system, network, static route, Ethernet, alarm, termination of all types of cables, i.e. twisted pair, coaxial cable, fiber optic cables, and termination blocks and patch panels.

Telephone technician support includes, but is not limited to the following objectives:

  • Provide daily customer support for telecommunication services. Minimum onsite coverage is expected for daily customer service during business days (generally between but not limited to 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M). Occasional off hours or weekend work may be necessary when circumstances warrant.
  • Provide detailed information about telecommunication network performance and assist in rapid diagnostics and remediation.
  • Provide maintenance required to prevent a systems failure and ensure smooth daily operations.
  • Ensure on-time responses for customer requests and maintenance services.

System support related tasks to be covered under this contract to be provided by the telephone technician include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Providing preventative maintenance for telephone sets and other related equipment.
  • Diagnosing, repairing or replacing faulty telephone components and equipment.
  • Repairing any component part of the telephone equipment that can be economically repaired.
  • Maintaining the software and hardware related system and be able to provide any service necessary to either support or implement the system features, including call accounting applications (real-time monitoring and reporting assistance).
  • Troubleshooting and repairing any problems occurring within the system’s components.
  • Advising personnel on recommended stock levels of telephone parts and backups and make recommendations for purchases well in advance of the stock being depleted.
  • Conducting ongoing telephone line and telephone equipment inventories.
  • Incidental and miscellaneous telecommunications services and wiring, such as re-wiring floor service modules, and, when necessary, wiring non-telephone related items. At times, this work involves the lifting of floor tiles.
  • Reviewing cable pair and jack assignments for all telephone lines in the main frame room and telephone closets and be able to update and maintain the automated telephone line inventory systems and wire management system.
  • Completing installation and upgrades of system telephone components, hardware or software, including call accounting applications.
  • Directing manufacturer support required for Software Support and Expert Systems.
  • Troubleshooting, diagnosing, analyzing, and clearing system generated alarms and resolving problems via remote dial-in or Secure Access link connections 24/7, including product correction support (proactive patching).
  • Providing Helpdesk support by completing and documenting requests.
  • Developing standard operating procedures, especially technical procedures, in conjunction with telecommunications staff to enhance the understanding of the features and use of related telephone system software products.
  • Maintaining Product Correction Notices and Software Updates, including technician installs, remote installs, and customer installs depending on the update.
  • Completing work in accordance with procedures and guidelines established by the Government.

Required Education/Experience

Bachelors degree with 5+ years experience. Additional years of experience in lieu of degree will be considered.

Working knowledge and experience in the operation of Avaya Call Center Telephony, R5.1 and later

Experience providing support for Avaya Aura user features/applications

Avaya Support Professional Specialist, Avaya Certified Integration Specialist, or Avaya Certified Solution Specialist

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