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We’ll get straight to the point:

Bravus is a new brewery located in Santa Ana, CA and the first one totally dedicated to producing non-alcoholic (“N/A”) craft beer. Yes we know it sounds crazy but it tastes just like the real thing so customers can’t get enough of it. We would like you to pound the pavement and sell our beer to various restaurants, markets, liquor stores, etc. within the Orange County area. We already have a huge list of contacts so this should be a walk in the park.

What we are looking for:

Energetic, professional, outgoing, self-motivated male or female. Strong enough to lift & carry cases to/from our warehouse to your car and to/from your car to the accounts. Preferable if you had a big car or SUV (we’ll pay for mileage). Clean driving record. Knowledge of social media promotion a plus. Basic computer knowledge required (Word, Excel). No prior involvement in the beer industry is required but you should have some sort of sales background. The territory is Orange County so you should live in the area.


$10/initial case sold + $5/case/reorder + up to $20/hour with a maximum of 20 hours/week (essentially this is a part-time gig). We know that isn’t a big hourly but a) it’s a start so if you do well we can talk about bumping the hourly up and b) you will probably make more on commissions than you would working for another brewery because, well, what do you think is easier to sell: a regular, alcoholic IPA (3,000+ currently on the market) or a non-alcoholic IPA (just 1 on the market)? Again, a total walk in the park.

Oh and are you good with the Tweets, the Face and the Insta? We sell online through our Website so there’s no better way to unload massive cases than to post, post, post.

Other miscellaneous details:

We are hiring you as an independent contractor (1099) to complete this specific project and not as an employee. We don’t offer any type of benefits or throw company picnics…yet. This is a short-term contract but if you do well we are totally open to making it a part or full time job with benefits.

Other than that this is a great opportunity for someone that also wants to learn how a professional craft brewery operates. We could sure use your help on a brew, transfer, or bottling day although compensation for this is only pizza and free non-alcoholic beer….the latter of which is subject to availability since you will have sold it all, right? RIGHT?

Hit us up with any questions and if you’re interested, email us a resume and a cover letter explaining a little about yourself and why you would be great for this project.

Job Type: Contract

Required education:

  • Bachelor’s

Required experience:

  • sales: 1 year
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